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March 11, 2011

Etsy shop

After two days spent in front of a computer, I managed to get my etsy shop open. 

It is a small shop now, but I will list more items as soon as possible.

Please pop over to have a look and let me know what do  you think, any feedback is much appreciated! 


  1. Good luck with the new shop! The jars are beautiful and the photos are great. They show the details and colours very well. Will you also be selling smaller items like the snow pixie?

  2. As Anja, I want to wish you good luck! I appreciate a lot your work and I think it will be successful!
    I like very much the idea "pottery in the garden", maybe you can put some photos with this theme.
    Have a wonderful day,

  3. Super & bravo!! You will rock!
    PS: Your shop is already among my Etsy Favorites and in my 'Circle'! .)
    So happy for you!

  4. hello tika1 your shop is great, i wish you many happy sales ! your pictures are clean and your item pops just perfectly. so i am not worried, i know you will start selling in no time. i added you in my favs, in my circle. i twittered about your shop and also on my facebook. hope this will help ! oh, the picture we see in this post, the cat and the little birds. it is absolutely lovely. you must do some like tat for your shop!
    sending hugs,

  5. love your stuff and love that you have an etsy shop now! I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  6. Thank you all very much for your opinion and all good wishes. Sending hugs, Tika

  7. @Anja: I will sell smaller items too. I'll list them soon ;)

  8. The pictures of your beautiful pottery are amazing. Do you have a light box? All the Best of luck on Etsy.

  9. @Julie: Thank you , Julie. Your pottery is so special and beautiful!
    I don't have a light box. Just a piece of white paper glued to wall and table.