Welcome to the Tika's garden. A place full of imagination. A piece of clay can be modified into many things.
You are kindly invited into my garden.

November 26, 2011

Love Message

The letter that surprised me in my mailbox
was not a love letter from a secret lover,
but the letter that brigtened up my day.
Dear blog friend Urška has set herself a task,
that with snail mail she'll bring some happiness
in to her friends lifes.

Look,  what I've got:

There was a card with lovely felted brooch in the envelope.
Thank you, dear Urška, I'll be proudly wearing it on my wintercoat.
It will bring some sunny colors in grey winter days.

November 12, 2011


November is the month that is not my preferred month.
Fogg, grey and short days bring melancholy in life.
I set myself in good mood with thoughts on December,
first snow and st. Nicholas gifts. We'll bake cookies again,
and grey days will be more pleasant.

What's new in Tika's workshop in November?

Many small gifts like these Mail holders are in progress.
I listed few in my Etsy shop. They are perfect for on your desk
with today's mail, photos, notes and to do lists.