Welcome to the Tika's garden. A place full of imagination. A piece of clay can be modified into many things.
You are kindly invited into my garden.

August 24, 2011

Bird's bath

It's so hot this week and everybody is looking for something to cool down....
That's the bird's way:

August 20, 2011

Beautiful new bag

I was so happy to finally meet Damjana, the designer behind Loddelina brand.
The evening was so pleasant and I became a proud owner of new Loddelina bag.

Isn't it awasome? I couldn't be happier with it.
The bag is beautifully made and constructed professionally!
I would highly recommend this shop to anyone looking for
quality, creative pieces.

Damjana, thank you for a wonderful evening and beautiful bag.
I hope we'll meet again soon :)

August 15, 2011

Dovžan gorge

One day trip to Dovžan gorge filled me with energy. You'll se why:

August 12, 2011


Goldfinches are nesting in our vine every year. It is interesting
to  look how they take care for their brood. And how loud they can be :)

These two are nesting in my studio. They are company to these little fellows.
Picture was a gift from my dear friend Nina. She is an illustrator and graphic
designer. If you like her little birds, go and visit her shop. She is having a super
summer sale (50% off) on her original paintings.