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December 12, 2010


The time has come, when days are short and nights are long. Maybe that's why we look back and think about what we did and achieved in last year. We are grateful for all blessings and good things and we are looking forward with hope and  wishes for the New Year.

The time has come, when we give presents to the people we love.

This year is special for me, because I start writing my blog. I was afraid, because English is not the language I speak well, but I struggle and forgive me all mistakes. I am really happy for all of you, who come and read my blog and really grateful for all of you who take time and write a comment. THANK YOU!

I have a little present for you.

It's a little multi-purpose jar. You can fill it with candies or store a garlic in the kitchen or  lit a candle in it. If you are up for it, please leave your comment below. You have time till  18th of December and I'll announce a winner on the next day post.


  1. Ok, does it show that I'm desperate?? I'll write a comment on both blogs. Why? Because I love your works 2x, because I like your 2 blogs, because I hope you'll continue 2 be such a creative, nice person... :)
    And I'd like to win your giveaway and give it to my Mom. I'm sure she would love to put garlic in it and have it in her kitchen. And guess what! She will have a birthday on Jan 1st, so that would be a unique BD gift, won't you say?
    Fingers crossed and much Love to you!

  2. I have enjoyed visiting your blog and you need not worry about your English.... it's just fine!

    I love your work and want to thank you for providing the opportunity to win this lovely piece of art.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. This one is beautiful too!I love birds

  4. It's beautiful! Hope I'm the lucky one... Thank you for sharing, I really enjoy following your blog Tika!

  5. :) Se ne morem upret, da ne bi... Ker so mi tvoji izdelki res zelo, zelo všeč. Vključno s krasnimi barvami, ki jih pri tem uporabljaš.

  6. Such a beautiful Give Away! Please add me to the list of names, and I will cross my fingers and toes!

    Your English is great, by the way! It is not my first language either, and I do understand. But honestly.... You are doing brilliantly!

  7. This is a wonderful giveaway, I would love to win it, thanks!!

  8. Oh, please, Santa, make me win this giveaway!!!

    Pa še Dedek Mraz, če tole bereš, drži pesti zame!

  9. Oooo, res krasno. Morda mi pa uspe in bom enkrat le izzrebana? :)

  10. Just found your blog -you make beautiful things! I would LOVE to have the little pot, it's wonderful :)

  11. Hi, it is for me the same,I started my blog this year, but my english.... now let we don't talk about it. I love your ceramics.

    I keep my fingers crossed, maybe i been lucky for ones:-)

  12. Just found your blog through Loddelina's. Your ceramic works are warm and precious. Even better, they are functional! How wonderful it would be to have this jar just anywhere in the house, or balcony or garden. I love the onion jar for your neighbor and the welcome cat. Very cute facial expression. I hope you'll have a fan page on facebook so I can follow your blog more easily.

  13. hi there, such a wonderful giveaway. and lovely blog too ! crossing my fingers ^-^
    your english is very very good. english is not my mother tongue and i do not speak it perfectly. the fun thing about blogging in english is that you learn to improve your vocabulary. please, don't be shy to ask for some words that you do not understand,people here are always happy to help. ^-^
    havea happy week end

  14. Tika - I too recently started my blog and I hope you will enjoy following it, I look forward to reading yours and know it will be inspiring...hmmm, maybe I can add a give away for valentine's day?? I hope I win but even if I do not, I will win because I get to follow a new creative friend!