Welcome to the Tika's garden. A place full of imagination. A piece of clay can be modified into many things.
You are kindly invited into my garden.

June 30, 2012


It is hot, hot summer here in Slovenia. Do not forget about  our
little friends birds. They are thirsty too! Shallow pots with water
placed in the garden or terrace will make them happy :)

June 28, 2012


Teapots have been allways my favorite pots. I admire japanese
potters and one of them is Ken Nagai. I love the earthy structure
and the design of his teapots.

teaset by Ken Nagai

Zhou Gui Zen is a great master of making teapots as well. You can
see her way of making them right here.

I have designed my teapot to be used in a different way. It's not
a surprise, that it is connected with plants :)

June 25, 2012


For one day a year, my home town goes back to the past in the
medieval time.The old town pavement is threaded again by
renaissance dance, traditional arts and crafts are presented,
the air is filled with smell of ancient dishes and the medieval music
brings back the authentic atmosphere.

June 17, 2012

Rocky gardens for you

Many of you write to me that you like my rocky gardens.
I'm grateful for all your time and energy you've left on my
blog, so I'm offering a special discount for sphere rocky gardens
only for my lovely blog readers.

In my  Etsy shop  apply shop coupon code
at checkout: HVALA30
and you will get 30% off.
The coupon code is valid till the end of June.

Thank you for all your lovely comments!
Wish you a pleasant and sunny summer.

 Love Tika