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December 19, 2010

Happy snowy weekend

It was snowing all night and in saturday morning we've got  a brand new fluffy thick snow blanket all over our country.
I realy enjoyed in snow, that's why:

Our town covered with snow blanket.

We live in center of  Skofja Loka town,
 but we have only 10 minutes by foot to the first forest.

We went up to the hill, not for a wonderful view, but...

for rolling downhill!


We are all snowy, wet and happy!

Mostly whole Europe is in snow. ENJOY!


  1. Beautiful, fun, romantic, serene, there is a whole list of adjectives to describe your lovely photos..... thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas.

    PS: I love the rock wall and buildings!!

  2. Wonderful photos. Are you near Lake Bled? That's a lovely area - I've seen it in the summer, but not in the snow! Have a good week! Abby

  3. @dls: Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too.
    @Vintage Tea Time: I live about half an hour by car to Bled. In Skofja Loka town. That's Gorenjska region. Slovenia is small country. From one end to another is just two hours by car :)