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October 20, 2011

Mini virus

I caught mini virus at Maja's blog. Her work is astonishing.
You can't imagine how tiny her sweets are until you see a coin next to them.
Congratulations! Maja, your fingers are really skillful!

I don't have patience for that kind of work and clay isn't a medium which
allows such tiny work. But I caught a bit of that virus myself.

I made little dishes for all kinds of little things, or maybe just for
sitting on the shelf looking pretty.


  1. mmmmm, love them Tika! That one with the bird or the leaves...wonderful and here a big hug from me!

  2. What beautiful little dishes. That's the type of virus I would like to catch!x

  3. Funny things to make and enjoy!
    I love collecting little manufacts. (But in the end ...there's quite no more place in my room!)
    I love the one with the orange flower, the green plant, and the bird!