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May 31, 2011

Love green

A lot of fresh green is around me...
how I love all shades of green.

That's why  the cat's eyes are green :)


  1. I just love green! Have lots of it in the house and wear green a lot too. Love the cat - great expression! Abby x

  2. I have a deep love for greens...I've just finished a quilt in those shades!How lucky for you to have greens all around! A little hug to your green-eyed cat! Tiziana

  3. Green is one of the most fascinating colours! But it is nothing to compare with the magic of a cat´s eyes!!!!! I love your ceramic work - especially your wonderful cats. Hugs from Luzia.

  4. Of course the cat will have green eyes, its lovley.

  5. That is so cweet ending :) Here is North England too, having a great weather at the moment and enjoying the green out there. thank you for your lovely cooment on my blog. Have a wonderful weekend! xm